The Pozo River Vigilance Committee at Lazy Arrow is a Cowboy Action Shooting™ (CAS) club with range located on the 32,000 acre Camatta Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. Members of the club meet monthly for scheduled shooting events where they test their skills and agility against the clock.

In addition to participating as cowboy shooters, our cowboys and cowgirls serve as timer operators, spotters, loading officers, and unloading officers. Our over-arching mantra is safety, and we diligently adhere to the standards and range safety procedures of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

To heighten the Wild West experience, our cowboys and cowgirls shoot single action guns that are either originals or replicas of guns used prior to 1900. And, as you’ll notice in the photo, our attendees are dressed in garb that replicates the style of clothing worn in the Wild West during the late 1800s.

Our matches are held on the fourth Saturday of every month starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending about 1:00 p.m. after we complete the shooting of six stages. (In Jun, Jul, and Aug we start at 9:00am. See Schedule of Events)

We welcome visitors who may wish to observe a Cowboy Action Shooting match. (Please note that the Camatta Ranch is a working ranch and does not accept range visitors except on our scheduled match weekends.)

PRVC is an affiliate member of the

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

Our range boasts 13

shooting bays with facades that depict a

Wild West town. Each

bay features a set of steel

targets (re-positioned for each match) that shooters engage with two pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun in carefully-scripted “scenarios.”

Our bays are separated by 6’-high dirt berms for safety between the 30’-wide bays.

For more information about Lazy Arrow Adventures and the Camatta Ranch go to:

For more information about PRVC, contact Deputy Roger Rapid: 805.801.8750 •

CLICK HERE to download printable PDF brochure about PRVC.